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Welcome! As an employee of Pacific Sun Industries, you are an important member of a team effort. Because our success depends upon the dedication of our employees, we are highly selective in choosing new members of our team. We look to you and other employees to contribute to the success of Pacific Sun Industries. We hope your employment with our company will be a mutually beneficial relationship!

About This Handbook
The purpose of this Employee Handbook is to help you get acquainted with Pacific Sun Industries. We hope it will serve as a useful source of information throughout your employment. The handbook is intended to explain the terms and conditions of employment of all full- and part-time employees and supervisors. Not all policies and procedures are set forth in this handbook. We have summarized only some of the more important ones.

Written employment contracts between Pacific Sun Industries and some individuals may supersede some of the provisions in this handbook. Any such employment contracts must be set forth in writing and signed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). No supervisor or manager has any authority to enter into a contract of employment, express or implied, with any employee.

This handbook summarizes the policies and practices in effect at the time of publication. This handbook supersedes all previously issued handbooks and any policy or memoranda that are inconsistent with the policies described here. Your manager will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Right To Revise
The Company reserves the right to revise, modify, delete, or add to any and all policies, procedures, work rules, or benefits stated in this handbook or in any other document, except for the policy of at-will employment, with or without cause or notice at any time. Any changes to this handbook shall be in writing and signed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Any written changes to this handbook will be distributed to all full- and part-time employees so that employees will be aware of the new policies or procedures. No oral statements or representations can in any way alter the provisions of this handbook, and no implied contract concerning any employment-related decision or term or condition of employment can be established by any other statement, conduct, policy or practice.

Open Door Policy
Pacific Sun Industries values your suggestions for improving the company. Your ideas are always welcome. Whenever possible, please use the employee suggestion box located in the lunchroom. If you are uncomfortable using the suggestion box, feel free to give your suggestion to your immediate manager, or any other manager you feel comfortable approaching.

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公司对这本手册或者其它文件中的任何或所有政策、程序、工作规章或者福利保留随时修订 、更改、取消或增补的权利,不管有没有原因或者通知;但是按意愿雇用的政策例外。对这本手册的任何变更必须书面作成,并且由首席执行长签署。




Richard Peng

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