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Richard Peng
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Richard Peng began his translation and interpreting career in early 1980 when he worked in an exporting company in China. His duties at work included drafting and translating business correspondences, agreements and contracts, interpreting for business negotiations. Because of his language competency, he was sent to work as an interpreter with a China trade delegation headed by the Director of Import and Export Department of Foreign Trade Ministry for a 35-day business visit to U.S.A., Canada, Venezuela, Panama and Japan in 1983. Again in 1984, he was chosen to visit Australia to negotiate with the Australian Customs for the antidumping duty issue. Because of the thorough research work he did, he was able to convince the Australian Customs Officials into reinvestigating the issue. As a result, the antidumping duty was removed on Jan. 1, 1985.

During his study at the graduate school of University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) between 1986 and 1988, he translated two books into Chinese, both were published by China Foreign Trade Publishing House subsequently.

He was sent to work in this country as the marketing manager by the Chinese parent company. His duties included sourcing both in China and U.S.A., importing from China, establishing distributing network in the U.S., attending national and regional trade shows; purchasing materials from U.S. manufacturers and exporting to China. In his work, he had to translate important documents into Chinese and submit to the parent company in China, he had to interpret for the delegations from China.

In 1998 he became a full time freelance translator and interpreter. In August 2000, he did a reviewing project for National Geographic Society and in October, he was informed by the Society that he was chosen the translation reviewer of National Geographic Chinese Edition.

He loves his work as it matches his personality: to enjoy direct or indirect contact with people, to serve and help.

Why Richard? Richard Peng took his first name from former President Richard Nixon who contributed enormously in ending the cold war and visited UIBE as well.

Richard firmly believes that life is a learning process. He works very hard to update his knowledge constantly. When in doubt, he would take advantage of the expertise of his former classmates working in China. Of course, dozens of dictionaries and glossaries are also his translating companions.

Dependable Quality, Dependable Deadline, Dependable Service. What do you get? Peace of mind!

Richard Peng

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